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What started out almost 20 years ago as research into my maternal (Hinson) line and a site for the descendants of my great grandparents, has developed over the years into a massive undertaking. After a few years into my research, I was able track down a half-sister and find starting information on my birth father's line. (Williams)

Once I put the data online for my family, I began to get queries from others researching Hinson lines and added their lines to the database. From that point, collateral lines were added until today we have over 6,000 families and almost 20,000 individuals in our database. Much of this information was submitted by my close and distant cousins, many of whom have become dear friends via the site.

However, the database has now become a bit unwieldy and with no help or funding, I made some major changes as of the first of 2014. I now only host the ancestral lines for my wife and myself. I also include collateral lines (2nd, 3rd, cousins, in-laws, etc., but I have removed all lines and individuals that are not related to me or my wife in some way. Even then, I was left with a tree that has 1,513 families and 5,031 individuals.

The majority of the information here pertains to my ggg-grandfather, Harrison Hinson Sr.(1790*1852), his 14 children and their descendants. Currently the most active line is Harrison's grandson, Willie Green, his wife Mattie Ella Davis Hinson and their descendants. (seen above) This line has a Facebook group which is a 'social hub' where we discuss anything and everything that is interesting to our members. The group is "The Crossroads" Check us out.

I do my best to show source information for all facts but still cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of all information found herein. Please give diligent care to do your personal work before adding any of this info to your tree.

As you browse the site, take whatever information you can use in your research. Living individuals will not show up in search results and can be seen only by those who submit that information.

If you would like to submit your family information, you can use this Family Submission Form

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